About the Dogs and the Author

About Shadow

Shadow aka "The Buddy" was adopted from Austin Pets Alive! in the fall of 2015. He is the ultimate shadow, loves to micromanage, and provides security at all times. He has a degree in barking and isn't afraid to let anyone know about his achievements. His long hair and fluffy tail sometimes gets him called a Pomeranian and that really ruffles his fur as he's a long hair chihuahua. When he's not "working" he's napping under the covers, eating or analyzing how to get on the nearest lap. From the perch of the couch he has a perfect view of all the squirrel action happening and one day he will succeed with his 007 plans to catch one. Shadow suffers from "little dog syndrome" and has yet to meet a dog that he didn't think he could take on. He also lets all moving cars, trucks, semis, and motorcycles know that he's a tough guy! His prance shows his pride as he struts down the street, but he's always on duty so prefers not to be approached while on leash. Shadow is the ultimate buddy and loves to micromanage Tater Tot! He also has his humans well trained!

About Gidget

Gidget aka Gidget the Widget, Little Girl, Nugget or Nugs, and at times Freddy because she can claw for attention like she's Freddy Krueger was adopted from Georgetown Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas in December of 2020. 

Gidget lived in a home with 20 other chihuahuas and they all ended up at the local shelter. At first she was very shy, but you'd never know she wasn't socialized, had never been on a schedule or walked on a leash based on how quickly she adapted to her new life. She is the biggest snuggler and she might love to sleep even more than Shadow! Not even sure how that is possible! 
They say big personalities come in small packages and Gidget is exactly that! She may be a little under 5lbs but she's sassy and full of spunk! 

She can make anyone laugh with the little noises she makes when she sees a squirrel, she may even be part Gremlin with the sounds that she makes. Be careful not to stand behind her because she's got some mean kickbacks for such little legs, she learned that from Shadow! 

Gidget lives a busy life of naps, doing zoomies with Shadow and tries really hard to continue Tater Tots legacy by chasing squirrels and ruling the house with an iron paw. 


About Tater Tot

Tater Tot aka "baby girl" was adopted from Ay Chihuahua Rescue in Austin, Texas in the spring of 2015. Unfortunately, her humans can't take credit for her fun name, as she came with that name, and she does look like a tater tot with legs. She loves going on bye-bye rides in the car, napping, eating (really loves eating) and getting belly rubs. Her favorite toy is "her bear" and enjoys playtime. Tater Tot is super friendly to humans and always wants to stop to say "hi"! She tries really hard to catch every squirrel she comes across (she has yet to be successful) and often has dreams about chasing them. Or so it seems. Tater Tot loves her humans and watching the world go by from her perch on the top of the couch while looking out the window. Tater Tot suffered from heart failure and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 15, 2020. She is still very much a part of her humans lives right now so her bio is still in "present" tense.  

About Laurie Eden 

Laurie Eden, Author

Laurie Eden is a people person, a dog mom, a volunteer for shelter dogs, global traveler, obsessed with sparkly things, an avid Pinterest Pinner of design, swoons over mid-century modern architecture and has endless love for checking out the latest restaurants (and chocolate chip cookies).

As a native of Las Vegas, she now makes Austin, Texas home after living in Maryland, North Carolina, and New Jersey. 

If she's not out and about in Austin, or traveling with her husband, you can find her volunteering at Austin Pets Alive!, planning events or selling real estate. 

This book series is another avenue to help to raise funds for dogs in need and donate to the rescues that make a difference every day.